I had the good fortune to pick a line with a TSA security guard who was in an excellent mood, cheerful and friendly to everyone, which was perfect in that moment because it helped make the process of trudging through a crowded checkpoint that much less of a pain.

It’s that part before you take off your shoes and get out your laptop for the security scan; it’s where you show your ID and boarding pass, and they have you take off your sunglasses to make sure that you look like your picture.  When I handed over my ID, she noticed the last name and asked if I was related to Carl.  When I told her yes, she burst into such a smile and said, “He inspired me every day of my life.”

Deeply heartfelt.  Like she’d been waiting for an opportunity to convey her appreciation for how he’d expanded her perception of the universe, and here I was at the right place at the right time to accept that gift.  One of the cool things about being my dad’s kid is this sort of thing happens with regularity.  It was a little weird once upon a time.  But now it’s really fun getting to glimpse the joy in someone’s heart after just a few seconds of conversation.

We shared the moment and I enjoyed telling her, “Me, too.”  Then she gave me back my ID and we wished each other a great day.

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