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Shrapnel Series from Radical Publishing


Shrapnel: Aristeia Rising

Created by: Mark Long & Nick Sagan 
Written by: M. Zachary Sherman 

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Enter the world of Venus, year 2250, where our heroine, Vijaya “Sam” Narayan, a former Solar Alliance Marine, realizes she has made a grave mistake. After destroying colonies and civilizations on every planet in the solar system in the name of the Alliance, she realizes it has been for all the wrong reasons. Now, Sam must organize a revolt against the very forces she once fought alongside and ultimately lead the colonists to freedom.


Sample pages from Aristeia Rising:



Shrapnel: Hubris

Created by: Mark Long & Nick Sagan 
Written by: Nick Sagan & Clinnette Minnis 

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The last free colony in the solar system has yet to fall, but how long can it withstand the Alliance’s ongoing sieges? Under constant barrage from orbit and kept from replenishing much-needed supplies by a planetary blockade, the colonists of Venus find themselves trapped in desperate circumstances. Unwilling to allow Venus’ bravery and sacrifice to be in vain, the surprise hero of the war—notorious ex-marine Vijaya “Sam” Narayan—must reverse their fortunes before time runs out once and for all.

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