Clinnette and I have been having a fantastic time here in Lisbon.  Fórum Fantástico has been a delight, and not the least bit bewildering thanks to all the hard work Rogério Ribeiro and Safaa Dib have done.  At the same time, Editorial Presença has been spoiling me rotten, setting up great interview after great interview with some of Portugal’s top reporters, while also finding time to introduce the many sights this beautiful city has to offer.

I’m so glad I could come here; I wish I could stay longer.

I’ll write more about my adventures in Portugal when I can, but right now I have to get back to Fórum Fantástico for the book launch and technological utopia/dystopia debate.  I hope to have some time tomorrow to blog about this, but if not it will have to wait until I reach London.

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