Last week, I played host to not one but two film crews so they could interview my mother, Linda Salzman.Marcus du Sautoy and Linda Salzman Sagan
On Thursday there was the upcoming BBC show, The Beauty of Diagrams, where internationally acclaimed mathematician Marcus du Sautoy interviewed Mom about her work on the Pioneer Plaque.  Directed byMichael Waterhouse, this is a documentary series about scientific discovery, told via an exploration of significant drawings and diagrams such as Isaac Newton’s Prism Diagram and Leonardo Da Vinci’sVitruvian Man.Franz Josef Holzer and Linda Salzman Sagan
Then on Friday Swiss director Franz Josef Holzerinterviewed Mom about the Voyager Golden Record for his film c’est une fille, “a cinematographic letter to extraterrestrials,” that will “follow the concrete example of a human being: four-year-old Zora, from her conception to the first years of her life.”

Mom did a wonderful job.  She’s traditionally been shy about giving interviews, but she was made comfortable by how easy it was to talk with Marcus and Franz.  Some thoughtful questions stirred up a lot of memories for her, including memories of the early 70’s and my childhood, which from a personal perspective were very cool to hear.

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