Today is the Carl Sagan Memorial Blog-a-thon, and even though this is a sad day for me, I’m viewing it as a celebration. I’m so touched by the outpouring of love for him–thank you all for coming here and deciding to get involved.

I just finished my WHCU interview, where I got some great questions. To reiterate something I said there: If you don’t have a blog, but you’d like to share your memories of my father, please do. You can email meand I’d very much appreciate it. Likewise, you can leave comments on any of the blog entries.

I’ll post my blog entry later on today.

Ann Druyan shares her personal thoughts and some fond family memories on this day: “Ten Times Around The Sun Without Carl” is up at The Carl Sagan Portal.

UPDATE: Joel Schlosberg’s meta-post is here.

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